Privacy Policy

The online store respects the consumer's right to protection of personal data and provides increased confidentiality of information provided by customers of the company. Therefore, we take full responsibility that all information received from the user during the use of the website of the online store will be used strictly for its intended purpose and reliably protected from unauthorized access by third parties.

The customers of the online store should be aware that their personal data will be stored and processed for the purpose of:

  • Filling in the company's information base for statistical reporting;
  • Provision of information about new profitable offers, discounts, promotions of the store chain and other events organized by our company through different communication channels (e-mail, SMS-messages, Push-notifications, etc.).

Collection and processing of personal data

Collection and processing of personal data is carried out by means of various specific methods and tools i.e. storage in the company's database of forms filled out by the user, online surveys, tracking of website traffic using professional software, management of newsletters, use of specific applications, etc.

Some areas of the website require registration or subscription, for which certain information is requested from the user. The requested information is used to identify, confirm, and complete the account. Cancellation of the subscription can be carried out immediately without requiring any other additional confirmation.

All data is used for the purpose of providing information and improving the service. The sole owner of the data obtained is the SYSTEMS BUSINESS CONTROL SRL company, ensuring that the right to privacy is respected. The terms of the privacy policy apply only to the data provided voluntarily by the user.

Thus, the online store collects personal data of users, obtained with their voluntary consent for the following purposes:

  • Confirmation/sending/provision of invoices
  • Resolving problems with orders, contracts, services and purchased goods
  • Providing access to the certain services
  • Regular distribution of news or other information in electronic form about upcoming discounts, promotions and bonuses
  • Customer feedback
  • Statistical purposes

In some cases, the online store uses the users' IP addresses (Internet Protocol Address) and some other data not related to the personal information without their voluntary consent. For example, the time of visiting the website, the location from which the site was accessed, browser version and operating system are used to monitor the following aspects:

  • Website administration
  • Analysis and identification of users' interests
  • Using data for demographic statistics
  • Improving website navigation
  • Publication of the most relevant and useful information for users. The online store undertakes to take the necessary security measures to provide confidentiality and protection of personal data received from the user. For detailed information, please read the privacy policy of our website.

The processing and storage of personal data is carried out within the framework of Law No. 133 of 08-07-2011.

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