Implement Logitech's cutting-edge technology for meeting rooms.
New Videoconferencing format
Используйте передовые технологии Logitech для оборудования переговорных комнат
Новый формат видеоконференцсвязи.

Why is the demand for quality videoconferencing

equipment growing?

The success of your business depends on the quality of the meetings. Rest assured that your video conferencing equipment is in good working order.
The need to negotiate at a first-class level.
*Based on "Hybrid Workflow" research commissioned by Logitech 2022
of employers have a part of the staff performing their duties remotely.*
Popularization of the hybrid work format.
We need to solve the problem: how to assemble a team dispersed around the world, right here and now?
Large-scale relocation of employees.

Choose Logitech equipment to implement into

your meeting room

  • Rally Bar Mini kit
    Small meeting room
  • Rally Bar kit
    Medium meeting room
  • Rally Plus kit
    Large meeting room
Compare all kits

Rally Bar Mini kit

All-in-one elite video panel for small spaces

Rally Bar kit

Versatile video panel for medium-sized rooms

Rally Plus kit

Modular system for video conferencing in large rooms

Room solution

2-6 people

6-10 people

up to 40 people

4x HD digital zoom

15x HD Zoom

Total maximum zoom - 15x (5x optical and 3x digital)
Intelligent Viewfinder
Panning and changing the shooting angle using the drive

Pan: Motorized, ±25°, Tilt: Motorized, ±15°

Pan: Motorized, ±25°, Tilt: Motorized, ±15°
Pan: 180° (±90°), Tilt: 140° (+50° / -90°)
Viewing angle
Diagonal FOV: 120°, Horizontal FOV: 113°, Vertical FOV: 80.7°, Total Room Coverage (FOV + Pan & Tilt): 163° horizontal and 110° vertical
Diagonal FOV: 90°, Horizontal FOV: 82.1°, Vertical FOV: 52.2°, Total Room FOV (FOV+PAN/Tilt): 132.1° H. and 82.2 ° vertical
Diagonal FOV: 90°, Horizontal FOV: 82°, Vertical FOV: 52°, Total Room Coverage (FOV + Pan & Tilt): 262° horizontal and 192° vertical
Integrated Components
6 microphones with beamforming, PTZ camera, 3 speakers, intelligent viewfinder
6 array microphones, PTZ camera, 2 speakers, Intelligent Viewfinder
RightSight auto framing
Improved RightSound sound quality
External microphones

Up to 2 modular Rally microphones

Up to 3 modular Rally microphones

Up to 7 modular Rally microphones

USB mode
  • Rally Bar Mini with built-in mini PC
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Power Supply
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Main lens cap and Intelligent Viewfinder
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • User manual
  • Rally Bar with built-in mini PC
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Power Supply
  • AC power cord
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Remote control
  • Protective lens cover for the main camera and intelligent viewfinder
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • User manual
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Rally Display Hub
  • Rally desktop hub
  • 2 speakers Rally
  • 2 Rally microphone modules
  • Remote control
  • USB Type-C cable connected to the USB Type-C connector
  • USB Type-A cable connected to the USB Type-B connector
  • CAT6A Ethernet cable
  • 2 HDMI Type-A cables
  • 2 cables for connecting to AC power
  • 2 sources nutrition
  • Mini PC Intel® NUC for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • TV Mount for Video Bars
  • Manual
Equipped with a 10.1-inch high-definition touch screen. Connects to a computer via USB for calendar integration and instant data sharing.
Logitech Tap controller

Logitech’s Unique technologies

For full and an immersive focus.
  • Light
    Looking good no matter the lighting conditions. Thanks to the automatic optimization of light balance and precise color adjustment.
  • Video
    See all meeting participants at the table, with a focus on the active speaker. The camera automatically moves the lens and adjusts the zoom so that no one is left out of the frame.
  • Sound

    Hear all participants in the meeting. By suppressing unwanted noise and focusing on the active speaker. An advanced speech detection algorithm automatically increases the volume of the active speaker.
  • Compatibility
    Provides full integration regardless of the platform used: Microsoft, ZOOM, Google Workspace, RingCentral.
Before buying equipment, you have the opportunity to take a Logitech demo kit for free. Use this service to better understand your needs and dispel doubts about the purchase.

Our qualified specialist will help you connect, configure and properly use the equipment.
Free testing

Перед покупкой оборудования, Вам доступна возможность взять демо-комплект Logitech абсолютно бесплатно. Воспользуйтесь этой услугой, чтобы более точно понять свои потребности и рассеять сомнения о покупке.

Подключить, настроить и правильно использовать оборудование Вам поможет наш квалифицированный специалист.
Бесплатное тестирование.

Logitech assistive technology - for the productive work of your employees

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