Jamf: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?


12.12.2022 Apple

Jamf: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?


12.12.2022 Apple

Jamf can help you manage Apple corporate devices in a faster, more convenient, and more secure way. Today we are talking about an exclusive software platform in Kazakhstan: why it is worth choosing this tool and what problems does it solve.

What is Jamf?

Jamf is a software and services development company. The company was founded in 2002. Today it occupies a leading position in the MDM (Mobile Device Management) industry for companies implementing Apple devices into their business.

Its same-name product helps to remotely connect, configure and protect corporate devices and the information stored on them. Just imagine, one click is able to deploy and manage entire technology parks: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, without even touching them.

As of December 31, 2020, more than 47,000 companies around the world have experienced all the benefits of automatic configuration, personalization and management of Apple devices using Jamf software.

In Kazakhstan, ASBC is the only company that sells, consults, and provides technical support for Jamf products. The licenses and the terms of purchase are available at iPoint.

Why Jamf?

The company is focused on working specifically with Apple products and maintains very close ties with its developers. In 2010, Apple became a Jamf customer. Two years later, sales of Jamf software started in all the retail stores of the corporation. In 2014, Jamf joined the Apple Mobility partner program. Therefore, our first argument is that Jamf is aware of all Apple's innovative projects and developments.

This implies another advantage: timely updating of all Jamf functions for Apple's OS. As soon as a new version of the system is released, all relevant modifications will become immediately relevant and available on all corporate devices.

Jamf software also deserves attention due to its scalable deployment, which does not require additional investments and time costs. IT specialists can quickly and remotely configure all equipment, download the latest updates, encrypt information, and they do not have to worry about privacy.

At the same time, Jamf has a simple interface and wide functionality for the full integration of devices into a business environment.

Who is a Potential User?

The scope of Jamf is very extensive: public sector, IT sector, trade, medicine, education, etc. MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions allow IT services to manage a fleet of mobile devices that employees use for work purposes.

Thinking back on conditions of the pandemic, when most of the employees were forced to break their usual working hours and switch to "remote" working mode, the capabilities of Jamf helped businesses not to interrupt the work, but to quickly, safely, and remotely configure corporate equipment and adapt to a new working mode.


All Jamf offers are relevant only for legal entities. The solutions are chosen depending on the size and demands of the company.

You can buy Jamf Connect, Jamf Now, Jamf Now Plus, Jamf Pro, Jamf Pro for macOS at iPoint.

Real cases

Please see the list of real tasks in which Jamf will be very useful.

This list includes:
  • no-touch deployment
  • taking inventory of the entire computer fleet
  • security control
  • managing system updates
  • device configuration
  • application management
  • security control
  • deleting and restoring data
  • advanced features for users

This is not a full list. Jamf can simplify many workflows, and some operations are not possible without Jamf (when the team is spread around the world, there may not be an opportunity to appoint an individual IT specialist for each branch).

Jamf is the best IT infrastructure management solution, and we can help you implement it into your business.

Connect Jamf, control Apple devices, and achieve success in your business!