Apple Technology in the Corporate Environment


27.08.2021 Apple

Apple Technology in the Corporate Environment


27.08.2021 Apple

Apple technology is a synonym of success, especially in the corporate segment. It's not just about the reputation. Business representatives understand that more and more often the transition to macOS, iPadOS and iOS is a real demand. Why is it necessary? Let's figure it out right now.

Why Do Business Representatives Choose Apple Products?

Modern powerful equipment is a key to effective work of employees, as a result, the development of business.

Apple developers complete the devices in such a way that they remain relevant for many years after purchase, maintaining a high level of performance and speed.

Apple provides a long-term support for all devices. This means that for at least 5 years, the device will get the OS updates.


The company has no problems with the disposal of equipment. The Trade-in service can easily upgrade the equipment stock. Just hand over old devices to reduce the cost of new ones. Apple has developed a new service for corporate clients called BuyBack Apple. This is the equipment buy-back system. This system reduces the company's costs, because the need to update the equipment stock frequently simply disappears.

All Apple devices represent a single ecosystem, which is a good advantage for their owners. The integration leads to much faster and easier workflows. Your devices will get much more features in comparison with the functionality of each individual device. See our review about why this is important for the company.

The macOS, iPadOS and iOS interface is intuitive. It will be easy for users of any level to master it. At first the system may seem a little unusual, but still very convenient, thoughtful and minimalistic. All the necessary software has been already developed for Mac, including exclusive software that is not available to Windows users.

On the subject of Windows: One of the biggest misconceptions is that the MacBook is not suitable for installing Windows. In fact, you can install Windows as a second operating system on Apple computers.

When buying a Mac from iPoint, you can get training on using it. If you have never worked with the macOS system, this service will greatly help you in mastering new technology.


One of the most forcible arguments for using Apple technology in business is the platform security. Personal and corporate data stored on devices are securely protected from third-party intrusion. Many features are activated by default, and some of the functions can be configured additionally.

From IT Developers to Sales Representatives

In American and European companies, Apple devices have long been a common practice. Representatives of the business market have come to conclusion that the equipment of a world-famous brand is no longer a luxury and has become essential. To have a successful business, it is necessary to be constantly competitive, improve work efficiency, working conditions, transform business processes, including routine ones. It is also important to sustain a positive brand image. No way round it!


IT companies have the most serious requirements for technology. Everything in IT companies should be best: the quality of materials and assembly, productivity, portability. Since our IT market is focused on Western countries, where macOS, iPadOS and iOS account for the largest share of devices, it is logical to make developments using the same devices. Positive emotions from using Apple brand products is an additional bonus for users.

For sales representatives of various companies, the iPad is an indispensable assistant in their work. The devices is the best way to quickly collect and systematize data, as well as to present goods and services in any locations. The premium design and high-quality accessories enable Apple tablets look presentable and neat throughout their lifetime, and make it possible for employees to do their work more quickly and professionally.

For example, employees of Bionorica (German pharmaceutical company), which is one of the world leaders in the production of herbal preparations, use iPads, as they say, for field sales. In addition, now the company's management is contemplating a possibility of connecting to the Apple Business Manager Service for remote administration of all devices.


Bank consultants actively use tablets in communicating with clients. A laptop cover usually forms a barrier in keeping eye contact, which can be avoided by using a tablet making the communication more conducive. Banks purchase iPads and Apple Pencil to create paperless branches: customers can sign documents, log into their personal account and see the history of cooperation with the bank.

Managers and marketing specialists in retail usually work on a product from the stage of its development to full implementation, set tasks and monitor deadlines, keep in touch with colleagues. A close integration between devices makes all processes especially fast and convenient.

For example, employees of all IQOS points of sale use iPads to register new devices, issue guarantees and record sales.

Coca-Cola merchandisers also use Apple tablets to register goods at points and maintain document flow.

There are much more examples, and the product range is not limited only to the MacBook and iPad. Stationary workstations can be ideally equipped with an iMac and Mac mini, and an iPhone can be used as a corporate mobile connection.

How to Make a Corporate Order?

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